We Move Freight
Throughout The United States And Canada

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We Move Freight
Throughout The United States And Canada

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We move freight throughout the United States and Canada. We offer flat bed, van and reefer equipment.

Cargo Claims Service for Truckers & Shippers
Cargo Claims Service for Truckers & Shippers
Rate Publishing for Shippers & Carriers
Rate Publishing for Shippers & Carriers
Freight lane, Scheduling or Carrier Setup
Freight lane, Scheduling or Carrier Setup
Dispatch Office Consulting services
Dispatch Office Consulting services

Quick Pay

Our sister company Reliable Factors is now handling our Quick Pay. Reliable Factors will work with your accounts receivables in a professional manner to keep your cash flowing. With Reliable Factors on your team you can focus on growth and sales.


Utilize our experience to find the best way to get your products from origin to destination. We can setup qualified trucks in your lanes with competitive rates, on time delivery and provide the follow-up required to make sure your logistical needs are met. R&M Logistics can handle any commodity from frozen foods, paper and steel to specialty loads. Insurance coverage that covers all risks.

We offer full-service transportation management offering our customers the latest in technology, expertise in our industry and a modern approach to the reality of logistics. All cargo claims are handled in a timely manner. Our dispatchers are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We hold the relationships we have built with our carriers in a very high regard. Our reputation and growth is a direct result of the loyalty and quality of work from our carriers. We offer above average rates, quick pay, normal pay and a personal relationship with our experienced team. Call us to become a qualified carrier.

Download our Broker Carrier Agreement pdf and fax it to us along with your insurance information and authority to become a qualified carrier. Let us know when your trucks need freight. Cell phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on freight moves.

Call our Account Managers at 877.437.7209 to get started with R & M Logistics - the leader in logistics.


Let R&M Logistics handle the administrative and financial side of your business while you concentrate on building your freight business. We offer one of the most financially attractive contracts for independent agents within our industry! We can tailor a contract that fits your needs.

We are interested in working with agents who care about the success of both their Shippers and Carriers. Your relationship with Shippers and Carriers is vitally important to us and we will do everything possible to promote your success with both. We include you in the loop when making decisions regarding Shipper credit issues. Our invoicing is timely and we pride ourselves in our freight billing accuracy.

We are also extremely thorough and timely in qualifying your Carriers. All safety and insurance qualifications are monitored constantly.

Whether you are an established broker or freight agent looking for a new home, or if you are seriously considering the opportunities available within this industry, give us a call today. We will be happy to discuss our program with you.

Enjoy the benefits of an established brokerage license, issued in 2000. Benefit from our financial expertise and 11-year reputation to build your business today. Call Ron Lewis at (843) 662-9559 ext. 100 today!

Available Loads


R & M Logistics, Inc. is looking for professional Truck Brokers and Agents with an established customer base. Positions are available in our South Carolina office or we can tailor an agency office to fit any situation. We are looking only for those individuals who want long term relationships and a pay plan that will allow them to reach their financial goals. We offer sign on bonuses and one of the best pay plans in our industry.

Call Ron Lewis today at 877.437.7209 ext. 100.






Contact our staff directly

Name Title Phone Ext.
Mary Lewis President, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable 843.662.9559 101
Ron Lewis Vice President, Operations Manager 843.662.9559 100
Kay Riordan Office Manager, Billing Department 843.662.9559 106
Ashley Burr Transportation Account Manager 843.662.9559 102
Toby Jones Agent R&M Logistics 336.324.8840
Crystal McMillian Transportation Account Manager 843.662.9559 105
Kim Sweitzer Transportation Account Manager 843.662.9559 104
Angela Purvis Agent R&M Logistics 843-629-8550